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balt_hisThe independent city of Baltimore is located in Maryland in the United States of America. Baltimore is a harbor town and the closest to major Midwestern markets. Founded in the year 1729, Baltimore is the 12th largest city of the United States of America and has a very interesting history.arrow-up

ethnic1Baltimore being on the European-Caribbean-South America sea trade route accumulated a rich ethnic heritage through out the years. Ethnic groups in Baltimore include African American Hispanic/Latinos, American Indians and Asians. Through out the whole year the various ethnic heritage events are celebrated.arrow-up

Night LifeThe nightlife of Baltimore is very popular for its bars, clubs, theatres, cinemas and every other means of entertainment that you could think of. You will find Nightclubs in almost every district of Baltimore but especially in traditional “drinking” districts around Fells Point.arrow-up

restaurFor those of you that enjoy quieter evenings, you will find almost any kind of restaurant in Baltimore. Starting from local food over classic European food to Chinese food, everyone will find a restaurant that serves his or her needs.arrow-up

AccommodationsNot just restaurants will be there to serve your needs but as well accommodations are provided for every budget and desire. You can choose to stay in the Hilton Hotel next to the Convention Center or you decide to take an accommodation offered by the Baltimore International College.arrow-up

attractAs already mentioned above you will have an amazing choice of entertainment. Not just for the young generation but as well for families or elderly audience. Arts, attractions and recreation are offered to all visitors of Baltimore.arrow-up

calendarAs in every big city you will have many different events taking place on different dates at different location. To keep track with all these events, you should have a look at the event calendar of Baltimore.arrow-up

weatherThe Weather Section will give you more information on agencies, associations and of course the weather in Baltimore. The Baltimore Chamber of Commerce is leading the way in this respect.arrow-up

OrganizationAs in all cities in the United States the government of Baltimore works together with the private industry through agencies, associations and organizations. The Baltimore Chamber of Commerce is leading the way in this respect.arrow-up

facilitBeing such an international city, many conferences take place in Baltimore. The Baltimore Convention Centre is the most popular facility for exhibitions, events and conferences. In fact it is just one of many renowned Conference and event facilities in Baltimore.arrow-up

responseThe response to emergency calls in Baltimore is the same as anywhere else in the United States. If your call is less urgent you can call 311 and your call will be categorized in different levels – urgent = hot; not urgent = cold.arrow-up

transWhether you are arriving or departing form Baltimore you will realize that itis as easy – or even easier as in the rest of the USA. The public transportation system in Baltimore is operated by the Maryland Transit Authority which enables a smooth traffic through Baltimore.arrow-up

services1Baltimore as one of major cities in the United States of America offers all services necessary to support it. You will find a detailed list of all services provided in Baltimore and you will get a great overview of how they are spread over the population.arrow-up

retailBaltimore is perfect for retail shopping – everyone that loves retail shopping will love Baltimore. There are thousands of retail shops in Baltimore of any brand you can imagine. The Towson City center is the largest retail shopping mall ant it is just 15 minutes away form the city center.arrow-up